Friday 27 February 2015

Blogging, Crying and Smiling - #LittleLoves

This week has been all about re-launching my blog and learning as much as I could from others.

I read lots and lots of blogs this week. I am following 575 blogs/people on bloglovin' and many interesting blog postings this past week.

The top 3 favourite blogs  this week were:

  • Let's Talk Mommy
  • Mommy Daddy Me
  • Oh So Amelia

  • These are all very inspirational and successful blogs.  I look forward to explore more blogs this next week.

    I started reading When Love & Culture Collide by Jenny Rapatti of Let's Talk Mommy.  We are both ex-pats from the USA and came to England for love.  I have only gotten the opportunity to read the first couple chapters.  I sat in the living and completely ignored my husband and children for 30 minutes. It was an enjoyable read and very entertaining.  Looking forward to reading more soon.

    I watch the 1st episode of the People's Strictly Come Dancing.  I cried through the whole show. I just thought the people chosen to take-part are just so humble and amazing. Heather, Cassidy, and Michael have all gone through life-changing events in their lives but have overcome and bring positivity and love into other people's lives.

    I am searching for an Easter outfit for my daughter and son as a gift from Grandma & Papa. 
    How cute is my Little Bunny from 2013.
    So happy listening to my 2 month old son babble.  He is starting to try to make sounds and just makes me smile.

    Also love hearing my daughter taking to her brother. My favourite quote from this week was:

    "Santa bring you new shoes next Christmas!"

    I told her that her brother may be walking by next Christmas and she look at him and said the above quote. Funny girl!

    I did another attempt at British style pancakes. They get better the more I make but not great. My husband bought the below pancakes from store. These were yummy and lots less stressful.

    Made my blog look more professional.  Updated with new layout and even starting to understand HTML a little.

    Need to finish a cross stitch for my daughter so I start my 2 Easter projects.
    Looking forward to seeing one of my mommy friends on Sunday. We are heading to a soft play to celebrate the children birthdays. My daughter adores her son so we are all really excited.

    Goodbye from LadyBug Home


    1. Welcome back to blogging! Wishing you lots of luck

    2. Your little ones are so cute, and a lovely positive round up of your #little loves this week!

    3. Your children are super cute. I love the fluffy bunny ears. Your blog layout is lovely, fresh and clean. I hope to get mine sorted when I get a minute xx #littleloves

    4. Aww I love the bunny outfit so cute!! I used to do cross stitch all the time I haven't done it in years, I may have to get something to make!
      Hope you had a good weekend :)

    5. I still have absolutely no idea about html! Love the bunny pic, so cute xx

    6. Must check out the People's Strictly thang. Saw it On Demand the other day and was very intrigued. Some great blog tips too. Thanks for sharing your #littleloves

    7. Your blog looks lovely, welcome back to blogging! Love that you are reading Jenny's book, it reminds me I must get a copy and read it for myself. Jenny is one of my close friends so I should read it really, haha! xx


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