Tuesday 8 April 2014

Favorite Easter Decorations and Cake

This year, I am getting really excited for Easter.  When I was growing up my parents always made Easter special.  We would always decorate hard-boiled eggs with permanent markers and then die them. The Easter Bunny would come and hide the eggs all around the house.  My Dad was always really good at knowing where the Easter bunny hide them all.  (Except 1 year when one egg was found by our dog a month or so after Easter.) We would always wake up Easter morning to find a Easter basket waiting for us filled with colourful candy and other fun spring/Easter treats.  Several years we got brand new white Keds tennis shoes (trainers) or new sandals.

This year my daughter is 2 years old and I am getting really excited to celebrate Easter with her. She will not understand the religious meaning of "Easter" but it fun to celebrate Spring.  She currently loves to try to crack eggs so I am definately going to hard-boil some eggs to allow her to crack them open. We have already done some decorating and crafting. (Fun items from the USA)

I have purchased a white Easter basket and my mother sent green paper grass.  I also have a lovely box of plastic eggs, fun candy and items coming from the USA. Below is the ribbon and buttons that I have purchased in preparation for decorating Little Ladybug's Easter basket but also her Easter bonnet.  Last year, we managed very cute bunny ears clip-on barrettes but the Easter bonnet did not get completed.

Below are some amazing Easter items that have been created by some very talented small businesses in England and an amazing cake.

1. Sew Mice Facebook 
(New Member of our family - Easter Basket Surprise)
2.Heartfelt Handmade Facebook (Etsy Shop)

3 . Blossom's (Etsy Shop)

4. The Shabby Chic Hut

5. Paper Panda (Shop)
6. Easter Craft - Red Ted Art

7. Yummy Surprise Cake - Amanda Rettke - I am baker blog (news article)

Happy Easter!


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  1. Last year I was craft crazy and really enjoyed spending time getting ready for Easter. Unfortunately my planned Easter Make and Bake Day had to be cancelled because son number 2 ended up in hospital, but I had great plans for it. I hope to hold it or a linky this year. Here's the link to my plans and prototypes from last year http://mykitchennotebook.blogspot.de/2014/03/ester-make-bake-day.html


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