Sunday 12 April 2015

The Week at Ladybug Home 2015 13 & 14/52

Sunday, March 29th - Saturday, April 12th, 2015

The last two weeks have been flown by.  We had our first "Family of Four" holiday during the 4-day Easter Holiday.  It was really lovely to get away from daily life and just enjoying being a family.  
We had a lazy Sunday around the house. We started the day with my favourite weekend tradition of Little Ladybug (LL) and I making french toast (aka Eggy Bread).  Lots of cuddles.  Bumblebee Boy (BB) was put into another box.  LL sorted my button collection. 

On Monday, we joked that our babies cost 2 for £10 (price stickers from NEXT). They are priceless! We headed off to our favourite music class. We could not help putting bunny ears on sleeping BB. It was LL's last music class because she will be attending Preschool on Monday mornings from now on.  I will be taking BB to the "baby" music class on Mondays instead.  It was rough day for BB on Tuesday because he had his immunisation injections. There were more painful than normal but he had a comforting nap in his sister's bed afterwards.  Wednesday and Thursday were filled with playing. BB likes to sit in the big chair with his sister.  I won cute Easter napkins from Izabela Peters via La Belle Vie Blog.  BB got a new dinosaur hat. Enjoyed the April 1st jokes. My favourite was Beautiful Mess' Documentary Trailer.  I worked on scheduling new blog postings and twitter "tweets" in preparation in being away from home during the Easter Weekend. 
Friday was travel day!  Most of the packing for our weekend away happened on Friday morning.  The Easter Bunny (our sweet neighbour) left chocolate Easter eggs on our front porch for LL to find.  Last year the neighbour surprised us for the 1st time by putting a Easter egg on the front porch and it was truly a magical moment for LL.  We loaded up the car and headed towards my in-laws in Cambridgeshire. We stop on the way for Starbucks and McDonald's. Sitting in the car watching LL eat her "Happy Meal" made me remember fun road trips in the USA with my family. We visited with my in-laws before heading north to the Holy Boy Cottage in South Acre, Kings Lynn.  I will share more about this cosy cottage soon. There was a golden egg and wine waiting for us.  We made a trip to Waitress for lots of yummy food in preparation for our weekend adventures. 
We visited Holkam Hall for Easter Family Fun on Saturday.  We listened to a folklore story while sitting in a magical yurt. LL made some paper bunny ears and searched for wooden bunnies that led us around the garden.  LL and Mr L played on the wooden play structure and dug in the sand pit. I had cream tea and hot chocolate at the cafe. We walked around Holkam Hall where LL collected craft supplies to create a bunny easter.  We even met some Easter Bunnies guarding a large chocolate carrot.  LL decorated an easter egg cookie in the Old Kitchen. Lazy evening at home watching The Gruffalo (2009) movie.  We tried to go to bed early so the Easter Bunny could come.
We woke up on Easter Sunday and discover that the Easter Bunny had come and left chocolate eggs around the house. LL had lots of fun searching for them in the cottage. She found most of them before breakfast but BB almost sat on one in his car seat and Mr L found one in the refrigerator that evening. LL also got a blue bunny and a couple little bunny decorations. After breakfast, we visited the village nearby called Castle Acre. We wandered around the 14th Century Priory and Norman Castle. We joined the English Heritage and look forward to new adventures. We headed to our favourite Norfolk Beach - Cromer. We have spent a couple holidays near Cromer but never during a holiday weekend or "peak season".  The restaurants were very busy. BB took a nap in my lap on the beach while LL and Mr. L built sand castles and collected rocks. We had a late lunch at Craft Burger Cromer. Mr L had a gourmet veggie burger and I had a yummy cheeseburger. We had to have the mandatory ice cream cone before leaving Cromer. 
On Easter Monday, we left the Holy Boy Cottage and headed to Castle Raising. We wandered around and took some photos and then headed to the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary.  We had a quick lunch and then visited all the beautiful fishes and sea life. LL was given an activity sheet for the Spongebob's Spongehunt.  By finding and putting stickers on activity sheet, LL got a blue metal. She also received a orange metal for touching a starfish. Mr L and I went to the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary 10 years ago but since December 2013 flooding they have gone through a £3 Million transformation.  My favourite part was crawling into the viewing dooms with LL in a couple of the tanks.  There was an outside area with penguins and otters. They have several seal pups being nursed back to health by the staff. We headed towards home via my in-laws for a roast dinner. LL told her Grandad all about the seals in the "hospital" that were sick. We got our Cadbury eggs from my mother-in-law and arrived home safely.  We really enjoyed our holiday but I think BB was really happy to be home in his favourite bouncy chair. 
On Tuesday, LL went back to morning nursery and I got to have extra cuddles with BB. BB is currently teething, working on learning to roll-over and turned 4 month old this week. On Thursday, we went had lunch in the park. LL is able to go on the "bigger children" play structures now. She had fun playing with another little girl.  LL and BB had lots of cuddles with eachother this week.  On Saturday, we had lunch in town and lazy afternoon.

Goodbye from Ladybug Home. 

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  1. Wow, sounds like you've had a very very busy week! Loving the little bunny ears, your little one looks very cute in them :) I remember how terrible it was to get the injections, my little one was quite upset by them too, it is horrible watching them having to go through that.

  2. Oh wow! It looks and sounds like you've had a super fun week! What a lovely first holiday as a family of 4 :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  3. Cor, you fitted so much into the week! You must be exhausted! All looks such fun though, big smiles on the kiddies faces 😊 the bunny ears made me smile- has to be done! 😉


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