Sunday 15 March 2015

The Week at LadyBug Home 2015 10/52

Sunday, March 8th - Saturday, March 14th, 2015

The week at LadyBug Home has been filled with music class, birthday cake, running around the backyard, play dough, burnt coffee cake, and lots of cuddles.

Sunday was a lazy day around the house.  Bumblebee Boy (BB) and I had a yummy brunch with a Mummy friend and her son (6 weeks older than BB) while Mr. L and Little Ladybug (LL) went to the movies.  They saw Planes 2 for the 2nd time but when you can get 2 tickets and a kids meal for £7 it is a great deal.
hartbeeps, fireman sam, birthday cake
On Monday, we started the day with giggles and tickles in the morning before Mr. L went to work.  We quickly got dress so we could go to our favourite music class. LL ran around with her friends.  The frogs came out to play and he monkeys kept jumping off the bed.  We got a Fireman Sam cake in honour of BB's 3 month birthday.  BB did not get to eat any cake but he liked poking it.

Tuesday and Wednesday, LL was at nursery in the morning and lazy afternoons at home.  The weather was nice enough to take dolly outside to show her the grass and look for flowers.  I spent the morning blogging and discovering new blogs.  Lots of amazing women and men bloggers.

On Thursday, LL sorted through shoes in the front entryway and found the family of ducks.  When I bought them years ago, I never knew that I would end up with 2 little ducklings.  I attempted to do a photo shot of a craft project to post on blog but LL lost interested so we got out the play dough.

Yea Friday!  LL put on her new University of Oregon Ducks sweatshirt.  A little big but really cozy.  Mr. L came home for lunch and helped LL build a lego castle.  In the afternoon, we explored the backyard until BB got too cold.  Can not wait until Spring and when able to stay outside longer.

Welcome Saturday!  I attempted to bake a quick coffee cake by Lil' Luna.  I used an 8" square pan instead of 9" x 13" and unfortunately it baked horribly.  It was yummy with cinnamon and lots of butter but a little burnt on top.  LL was Spider Girl for awhile in the morning.  Headed to town to get Mother Day cards and have lunch.  LL was starting to get a cold and unfortunately had a bad night of sleeping.  Joys of Motherhood!

Goodbye from LadyBug Home!

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  1. What a gorgeous selection of shoes LL has, I'm jealous!


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. She has a very generous grandma. Lucky girl! Husband not happy that she loves shoes like me. Happy Monday!


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