Saturday 14 March 2015

Elmer, Birthday, and Monkeys #littleloves

This week we met Elmer (colourful elephant), celebrated Bumblebee Boy's 3rd month birthday, and had lost of fun new adventures including discovering Pippa Pig.  I am enjoying the process of maintaining a blog but wish there was more time in the week to explore some new topics besides motherhood.  Huge Happy Mothering Sunday to my fellow mums.  My mother does not have her official "Mother's Day" (USA) until May but I will still be thinking of her on Sunday.


I tried to make some time this week to read new craft magazines and start the book The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.  I think I may need to read it quickly because my husband seems to want to read it too.  The best time to read is while sitting in the car while driving to my in-laws.  A 1-hour drive when the little ones are hopefully sleeping in the back.    

My daughter has made me read "10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" several times per day.  She has additional version that only has 5 monkeys.  My daughter is working on learning to count to 10.


I watched the People's Strictly Come Dancing.  Everyone did amazing but my favourite dance was Cassidy Little and Natalie Lowe preforming the Paso Doble.

I have started watching Suits on Netflix.  I always find it easier to watch television on-demand or on Netflix/Amazon Prime.  You don't have to worry about missing parts of the show when one of the little ones need attention or you want a hot cup of tea.


My daughter decided to reorganise her shoes near the front door the other day.  I am very excited that I can share my love of shoes with my daughter.  These days I normally wear comfortable trainers but I love looking at my pretty high heals.  I have one pair of high heels by the front door that my daughter likes walk around the living room in.

Below is some of my favourite daughter's shoes that are too small now.  My favourite stores for children shoes are Clarks, M&S, Gap, and Gymboree (USA).

I heard the UK Entry for 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.  Eletro Velvet singing "Still In Love With You" is a rather fun song with a catchy beat.  Not growing up watching Eurovision Song Contest, I still find it very strange but it is fun evening watching.  Grand final May 23rd, 2015.


Started working on my new spring cross stitch.  Now that I am blogging, I have photographer each stage and write a narrative.  Next week, I need to work on some Easter bunting so I can send to my mother in the States.  


Looking forward to seeing the solar ecilpise on Friday.  The eclipse will begin at 8:45 am and the Moon will be nearest the middle of the Sun at 9:31 am.

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  1. Ooh thanks for sharing the Eurovision song, I didn't realise it was even out yet. Very quirky tune. Birthday fun and all those gorgeous shoes, looked like a good week.

    1. You have a lovely blog. Enjoy reading more later.

  2. She has some gorgeous shoes, its quite sad when they grow out of them though isn't it. Especially when you get your favourites!

  3. Those shoes are just so adorable, they grow up too fast don't they?
    Peppa Pig is massive in our house, I thought that E would have outgrown it now that she's 4 but the obsession is still going strong!
    Hope you're having a good week xx


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