Monday 6 June 2016

The Home Life Project - June 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "Home Life Photography Project - June 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Sunday, June 5th, 2016

I awoke on the Sunday very cheerful due to the lovely bright morning sunshine beaming into our home. My son started the morning by climbing into his favourite armchair and getting cosy with one of my cameras. He loves pushing the buttons and looking at the screen on the back. I always love to see what images he has captured. 
My children love to have lots of options at breakfast time. I must admit that often the dishes will stay on the table for a couple hours and they will nibble on the toast or have a little soggy cereal when taking a break from playing. One of my goals this month is to start preparing and eating healthier foods. We are adding more fruit, vegetable, and whole wheat into meals. I also love that fact that I have decluttered and cleaned my kitchen recently so now I can take photos on the kitchen counters.
We are currently creating toy review videos on our YouTube Channel on behalf of Bigjigs Toy Company. This month's toy to review was Harry and Jenny dolls. 
Time to head off to Nanny's and Grandad's for Sunday Lunch. The weather was so warm and sunny that the children had lots of fun running around the backyard. My son also kept trying to unlock the shed. The Sunday lunch was so delicious as always. My daughter is very sweet because she refuses to eat her lunch until Nanny has sat down but everyone else can't help taking some bites. 
Once at a home it was time to wash the car. Normally my daughter rushes out to help her Daddy wash the car but my son was the one waiting at the door trying to help. He had lots of fun washing the car with the sponge and using the hose. He did get a little wet when his sister came to help.
Time to call Grandma and Papa in the USA. 
For dessert was juicy watermelon and then off to bed. 

Thank you for visiting today. The next instalment will be on July 4th, 2016. We will be showing some of 4th of July decorations. For more details on Home Life Photography Project.  
Home Life Photography Project


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  1. First of all huge apologies for not commenting earlier. I don't know where this month has gone, but suddenly it's the start of July! I am reading your post on an empty stomach before having lunch and your roast looks SO tasty. Yorkshire puddings are my absolute favourite and like you we have them with every kind of roast meat, not just beef!Looking forward to seeing what you do this weekend. x


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