Saturday 11 July 2015

{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} Summer Fun with Water Balloons

The couple weeks have been very busy as I have been work on learning my new job.  I am very grateful for the ability to work from home, develop new professional skills, and make some money but it means less time for developing this blog. I hope in the next couple months to start sharing some of my favourite crafting, cooking and new product reviews but writing about my children and our life adventures still brings me lots of joy.

When I became a Mother, I often thought about my favourite summertime memories and could not wait to make new memories with your children. A couple weeks ago, I introduced my daughter to WATER BALLOONS. We practiced filling up and popping some balloons before Daddy came home so we would be ready when it was time for wet fun in the backyard. 

Bumblebee Boy was fairly safe in his chair from the popping. He enjoyed watching his sister laugh and try to get Mommy and Daddy wet. Although he was not completely safe and one balloon did burst right next to him but he simply smiled. 
My favourite part was the laughter and look of pure joy on my daughter's face. We all got very wet but it was so much FUN! I have a feeling that we will have many wet evenings with water balloons during this summer. 

What is is your favourite summer time memories?

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  1. I haven't introduced the children to the wonder of water balloons yet - I'll have to change that! Lovely photos x

    1. I think the package of balloons were £1 from the grocery store. Super fun!

  2. Oh wow that looks like fun. I've never tried water balloons with my three but I'm rather tempted to try seeing your happy faces!

  3. Oh yay I love water balloons, this post took me straight back to my own childhood. I have such fond memories of making water balloons and having fights with friends and my Dad in the summer. I haven't tried them with Mads and LL yet but I should. Hope the new work is going well. x

  4. Oh those are such adorable pictures, gorgeous x


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