Monday 25 May 2015

{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} Exploring the Neighbourhood with My Daughter

Some of my favourite times with my family are just lazy weekends around the house. We always walk into town during the weekends to buy food for dinner or visit the bookstore but this weekend we decided to something a little different.

We went exploring around our neighbourhood. Our first adventure was just around the streets near our home. We really did not know what was behind the fence at the end of our garden. So we decided to put on our coats and walk past our detached neighbours' homes and see where the sidewalk would lead us. We discovered that the general public could not walk behind our fence but it was the backyard for a housing complex for elderly people. I often see individuals gardening and talking.  Little Ladybug (LL) then took me and than Daddy on further trips around the neighbourhood to explore.

Our next BIG exploration was when LL and I decided to leave the boys at home and walk up to the hill to visit a large park that we driven by but we had never explored it before. We saw lots of people and little dogs and played on new playground.
I loved just having alone time with LL. She is growing up so fast and we don't always find time to talk about random things or just walk holding hands. We looked at the wind blowing the trees and talked about the plants around us. We eventually decided to follow a trail along an old railroad line through some trees. There was another family walking along so we did not feel completely alone but we did hold each other's hand tight as we went on our exploration. LL was very brave and even though we were getting a little worried about getting lost, we soon did find an entrance into the nearby neighbourhood. I had a good idea where we were at all times but I was happy when we found a familiar road and head back towards home. We stopped to get dinner items and so our little adventure was over. 
LL and I had so fun that we took Daddy and Little Brother back to the playground for picnic the next day. I am sure that we will continue to have little walking adventures and look forward to exploring my town more. When I am at home, I find it really hard not to worrying about work, cleaning the house and general life worries but when exploring with my daughter I feel really happy and at peace.

Where is your favourite place to explore?

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  1. There's nothing better than exploring your local neighbourhood I don't think. We love to leave the car at home and wander into our local town and stop for a cake/push on the swings etc.

  2. Lovely, we're just exploring now the hubby steals the car for work, it's interesting when he takes the buggy in the boot with him too as my youngest is only in age 6-9 months clothes at 18 months. She manages to get around though with her little legs. Lovely post #ordinarymoments

  3. Yay for exploring :) having just moved, we're also busy doing this!!!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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