Wednesday 6 May 2015

Adventures in Blogging 2015 - 17/52

This is the one blog post that I look forward to completing each week. (Even though it is a little late this week.) I am amazed by how quickly the "blogging world" moves along. I started focusing on blogging 2 months and 1 week ago but I amazed by how many friendly people I have met and how it has changed my family's life. I think I will always struggle with how to accomplish the long list of blog articles that I want and making sure that I am spending quality time with my family. This adventure in blogging requires my whole family's support. My husband is my biggest supporter. He is the person that listens to talk endlessly about my "blogging". He currently reading a book on technical blogging. He is the "IT Manager" and is constantly learning new information and skills to support my blog and me.

Even though I don't feel that I posted enough post articles last week, it was actually a week filled with some fun new challenges. I struggle with wanting to support other bloggers but just not having time to comment on other's link up articles. I hope that I can support by re-tweeting link up announcements and try to participate if I have the time.

My family and I did our first "official" product review. I given the opportunity to promote the YouTube Channel for Heroes in the City. This was an opportunity that Donna from What the Redhead Said shared with her fellow bloggers via Facebook and she passed my information onto the company. The company was really friendly and even sent extra promotional items for my daughter's friends. Not only was it my first "review" article but also giveaway. I look forward to other review opportunities in the future. I had a couple other potential review opportunities that have not developed but also two opportunities that look like are going to happen soon.

My family is heading to London to share the Blogtacular 2015 weekend with me. I am attending Blogtacular 2015 on Saturday but on Sunday I have been invited to a "blogger event" that I am very exciting about. It is one of those events that I would pay money to attend but I have been invited to come for free. I am amazed by these new opportunities.

Another exciting thing that has resulted from the last couple months of blogging is a job offer. I can not believe it. I have been given an opportunity to work from home and use the skills that I have been developing the last couple months. I had no plans to go back to work in an office or full-time anytime soon but sometimes opportunities come along. Once the contract has been signed, I will give more details but involves running a "Mums" website and social media sites. I am hoping that I can give some opportunities to local bloggers for "guest posts".

My goal Week 16 was to work on developing Pinterest. I have been making sure to "pin" bloggers articles that I have enjoyed and also working on developing some boards for future blog posts.


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Nothing new in this area this last week.


The biggest news is that my plans for a "Fatherhood" link up in honour of Father's Day is in development. There has been 5 other bloggers that have volunteered to co-host this linkup with me. I will run from June 1st - June 30th. I keep making note of blog posts that would be perfect to link up and hope to get lots of bloggers involved. 

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  1. Gosh! You are doing so well congratulations! Your blog is lovely. I am still struggling with the finding time to fit it all in and I have not mastered Pinterest at all yet, so far behind! Well do to you and can't wait to hear about your job xxx

  2. Thank you for commenting on my recent post, I thought I would come over and have a nosey. I love this idea of documenting how you are getting on with your blog, I too have just started a blog so it is fascinating to see what you have achieved and I suppose it helps keep you channeled. Well done x

  3. Wow I am so impressed by how well you are doing after only a couple of months of focusing on blogging. Hope you have a wonderful time at the blogging event :-)

  4. Hello! I am popping over from the BEDM link list as I would love to visit everyone to give a bit of support and say hi as a fellow participant! Tis very nice to meet you and you are doing very well with those stats! I have been blogging 10 years and I don't have that many followers- well done!


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