Saturday 8 March 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days 2014

This is an amazing idea from Ann Marie from The White House Black Shutters to focus on for the 40 days during Lent. I am not a very religious person so I normally celebrate Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) and then look forward to the Easter Bunny and 4-day weekend (Good Friday & Easter Monday).  I could do this idea anytime of year but I think the idea of having a lovely clean house by late April sounds wonderful.

We moved into our current house in June 2013 and shortly after that I had some health issues so we have tons of boxes that have not been unpacked or sorted.  We keep talking about how we would like the living room and dining area (LadyBug Home & Designs' craft table and office) but never have found time to make it a high priority.

We don't have anymore free-time than we normally do but it must be done.  I like this idea because if I breakdown each room into tasks over a 37 day period (no progress Wednesday - Friday) then it should feel that it can be accomplished.  Part of the plan is also to get my supportive husband and helpful 2-year old involved.

We are officially starting this challenge today, Saturday, March 8th.  I have taken photos but don't have the courage to post "Before" shots yet.  Maybe when all the magic has happened.

Day 1: Under the Stairs
Unpacked Boxes = 4
Bags of Trash = 3
Bags of Charity Items = 1
Other Items = 1 dirty bean bag chair
FOUND: my bedside/alarm clock, bubbles, missing Fringe dvd's, cupcake tablecloth, and Emma's baby journal

Day 1- Part 2

Sort through daughter's books in her room and set up her new tent. 

Day 2 - Bedroom (My Clothes)

Today's challenge was to pick up my clothes off the floor and sort them.  Unfortunately, I have not created any bags for charity yet but a bag of garbage. My favourite moment today was when daughter decided that her 15 cuddly friends/dollies need to gather in my room to admire my high heels that were uncovered during my sorting and then she walked around in my high heels. We purchased a wooden and canvas wardrobe for my clothes but unfortunately while hanging up my dressy clothes the centre rod decided to break.  Disappointing but a replacement can be bought from the Homebase this next week.  I need to work on this area again this week. 

Day 3 - Basket of Paperwork
After a long day at work and after putting my daughter to bed, I really did not want to spend time sorting but I convince myself to try to give an hour to sorting. I picked the white laundry basket that haunted me every time I sat down to work on crafting/blogging in my dining room.  Below are before and later photos.  I was happy to discover a brand new pack of Sharpies and some Clinique makeup.

Bags of Trash = 1
Bags of Shredding = 1

Missing: Timmy Time DVDs - Birthday gift for my Daughter

Keep checking back for updates on progress.

Best Wishes,

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