Tuesday, 22 December 2015

On the Tenth Day of #12DaysOfParenting 2015

"On the Tenth Day of Christmas - How I Thought I would Parent vs How I Actually Parent" is the today's topic for #12DaysOfParenting. Welcome to my blog if you are hopping over from Joanna Victoria.
My wise Mother told me pre-children to not say "I would NEVER let my child do that... or my child would NEVER act that way ..." because you may be surprised. When I became a Mother, I had this new sense of respect for my parents. I always believed that they were amazing parents but I did not understand the challenges they faced raising my siblings and me until I became a parent. 

Being a parent is probably the hardest job I have ever had. My children bring the best out of me but also showcase the worst part of my personality. I have moments that I find myself being so frustrated that I want to scream but then the next moment I am so happy cuddling one of my children. 

I truly hope my children will remember the happy times in the future instead of when I hide in the bathroom to escape from them. My children challenge me everyday to be a better parent and evolve with their changing personalities. 

We are only days from Christmas and we are just more excited to make new memories and for yummy food.

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  1. Hah ... what good quality advice your mum gave you ... how so true. I understand that new found respect for one's parents, o yes! Our child(ren) help us to face ourselves in brand new ways, for better and for worse too. I think if we play our cards right, the happy memories will dominate in the future. Now, how we do this is of course lots of trials and errors for what works. Wishing you all a lovely time during this lovely season. #12daysofparenting


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